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Popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn ceiling removal is a great way to keep your Louisville home up to date. Simpson and Simpson Professional Painting is your trustworthy painting contractor. We offer popcorn ceiling removal services throughout the Louisville area to ensure you're getting the services you need.

Popcorn ceilings are incredibly difficult to remove. While this look has fallen out of style, older homes still have popcorn ceilings because of this difficulty. Our experts are here to help you get your home up to date with minimal fuss.

By investing in a popcorn ceiling removal, you're ensuring your home has a more modern feel. If you're thinking of selling your home in the near future, it's a good idea to get a popcorn ceiling removal to add an aesthetic appeal for your buyers.

A great way to update your home for selling is also to invest in an interior painting after your popcorn ceiling removal. By updating your home, you're making it much more attractive to prospective buyers.

To get your home up to date, call the popcorn ceiling removal experts of Louisville, Simpson and Simpson Professional Painting today at 502-356-4246 or complete our online request form to set up an appointment.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Difficulties

You may think removing your popcorn ceiling is an easy project you can do yourself. However, popcorn ceiling removal can be a dangerous project to undertake if you aren't trained in the process.

Before the 1970s, popcorn ceilings were made with white asbestos. After the 70s, popcorn ceilings were made of paper-based or Styrofoam products. Depending on what materials were used when your home got its popcorn ceilings, the removal process can turn into a very complicated thing.

Without the proper safety procedures, you can do more harm than good in your home. To ensure you're getting the best service possible, your popcorn ceiling removal company will remove all the light switches and fixtures from the room before covering your furniture with clothes to keep it clean.

From there, the removal process can take different turns depending on the materials used in your popcorn ceiling. If your popcorn ceiling is unpainted stucco, it can be dissolved with a water-based solution and be removed. If it's painted stucco, though, the removal process requires further prep work to ensure you're getting the best results.

After removing your popcorn ceiling, your popcorn ceiling removal company will add on a new flat finish that will be sanded and primed for the finishing coat. After this process is complete, the removed materials will be cleaned away and vacuumed to leave your home in the best shape possible.

To avoid damaging your home or your own health, the best option is to hire a popcorn ceiling removal company like Simpson and Simpson Professional Painting. We're here to make sure you're getting the best service possible, no matter the project.

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