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What Steps Do I Need To Take Before The Painting Begins?

As you're getting ready to paint your home, there are several steps you need to take before exterior painting can begin. First, you want to make sure you've soft washed the outside of your home. Soft washing the exterior of your home before painting ensures the dirt, dust, and flaking paint. Contacting a professional painting contractor like Simpson and Simpson Professional Painting ensures that you'll have support throughout the preparatory period before your exterior painting begins.

After a preparatory soft washing for your home, you will need to repair any damaged surfaces on your home. This will ensure your home is in the best shape possible before the painting begins. During this prep time, you also want to remove any of the chipping paint on the exterior of your home. This will allow the new paint layer to adhere to your home better, keeping the painting clean.

Finally, you want to ensure all of your windows and trim are protected before the painting begins to ensure these areas aren't damaged during the painting process.

Does The Weather Impact When We Can Schedule Our Exterior Painting?

In short, yes. Weather does have an impact on when you can schedule exterior painting. It's best to paint your home during cooler temperatures. When it's cooler outside, the drying time for the exterior paint goes down. Cooler weather also helps to keep your paint protected from UV rays that can cause the paint to fade faster during the painting process.

Extreme weather, either cold or hot, can do damage to your paint job while the painting is happening. To ensure you're getting the best results possible, consult with your professional painting contractor to ensure you're choosing the best time for your project.

How Long After An Estimate Will The Painting Project Start? How Long Until It’s Completed?

At Simpson & Simpson Professional Painting, each customer is our primary priority until the job is completed to their satisfaction. Once you receive your estimate and give the approval to move forward with your painting project, we’ll get started as soon as possible; usually within a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the current workload.

The duration of a project is contingent upon several factors, such as the magnitude of the job and the weather, mostly for exterior painting jobs. We try to wrap up jobs as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality, so it could be a matter of hours or days, but never longer than it needs to be.

Why Do I Need Popcorn Ceiling Removal?

The biggest concern for popcorn ceilings is if they contain asbestos. Homes built before the 1980s are a high-risk candidate for asbestos contamination and need to be dealt with by a trained and certified industry expert.

Another reason popcorn ceilings aren’t favorable is that they trap dirt and dust and compromise indoor air quality inside your home. To find out more, call our team immediately, and let’s discuss your textured ceiling and the removal process, which includes repair, new texture, and painting.

Are There Any Benefits Of Commercial Painting?

The number one reason commercial property owners procrastinate when it comes to painting is they don’t see the rewards. It’s hard to justify spending the money when you can’t see why the project is beneficial.

We promise that commercial painting is worth budget-planning around. For one thing, a fresh exterior attracts new clients, even if it’s just to make your online social media presence look more impressive. A newly painted interior is instrumental in boosting employee morale, and that’s another surefire way to increase your revenue.

To find out more or schedule your commercial or residential painting in Louisville, give Simpson & Simpson Professional Painting a call today.

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